Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Stormwater Workshop Proceeds Online

From Jesse Schomberg of Minnesota Sea Grant

Greetings; pdf versions of presentations from the Northland Innovative Stormwater Conference are now available online, along with the final agenda and field trip tour map:
Just click on the title of the talk you'd like to see.

I'd like to take this final chance to thank our planning committee, Sponsors and Supporters, and all of the 66 attendees and presenters.

Jesse Schomberg
Minnesota Sea Grant

Sponsors and Supporters: Minnesota's Lake Superior Coastal Program, City of Duluth, South St. Louis SWCD, Regional Stormwater Protection Team, St. Louis River Alliance, WLSSD, Minnesota Environmental Partnership, Natural Resources Research Institute, Stark Enterprises, LLC, and Minnesota Sea Grant

Conference Planning Team:
Jesse Schomberg, MN Sea Grant
Rich Axler, Natural Resources Research Institute
Amber Westerbur, Minnesota’s Lake Superior Coastal Program
Dave Stark, Stark Enterprises, LLC
Andrew Slade, Minnesota Environmental Partnership
Kate Kubiak, South St. Louis SWCD
Julene Boe, St. Louis River Alliance
Julie O’Leary, Minnesota Environmental Partnership
These proceeds have valuable information on TMDLs, stormwater infrastructure design, rainwater harvesting, MIDS and other topics related to storm water.

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