Thursday, February 23, 2012

Invasives Plant Meeting March 8 in Hayward, WI

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
These are the dates and locations of our 2012 invasive plant update meetings.  The meetings will be limited to 50 people per location.  Cost will be $10 per person to cover food and materials. This meeting will be an informal round table discussion about the control measures for the following invasive plants. We will also be discussing Wisconsin’s Invasive Species Rule - NR 40, or Minnesota’s Noxious and Invasive Weed Program (depending on location or attendees) how does this rule impact you.  Rick Schulte, Dale Sutherland, Lee Shambeau will help coordinate the meeting with impute from everyone as to what has or has not worked for their control practices. Please forward this to any Federal, State, Local agency or groups that are working on invasives or should be. Registration will be at 8:30 and start at 8:45.  We should finish around 2:00

March 7th Eagle River, WI - Lincoln Town Hall is located at 1205 Sundstein Road, Eagle River, WI 54521.
March 8th Hayward, WI – Comfort Suites 15586 County Road B, Hayward, WI 54843
March 9th Rochester, MN Cascade Meadow Wetlands & Environmental Learning Center 2900-19th ST NW Rochester MN 55901

Here is a list of the invasives that will be discussed, if you have others please forward them in advance so we can have some information put together.

1.    Buckthorn
2.    Garlic mustard
3.    Spotted knapweed
4.    Boxelder
5.    Wild parsnip
6.    Honeysuckle
7.    Reed canary grass
8.    Purple Loosestrife
9.    Black locust
10.Sweet Clover
11.Canada thistle & others
13.Prickly ash
14.Autumn olive
15.Crown & Cow vetch
16.Japanese knotweed (Japanese Bamboo)
17.Leafy spurge
18.Multiflora Rose
23.St. Johnswort
24.Orange Hawkweed
25.Amur Maple
26.Wild Chervil
28.Japanese Hops
29.Yellow Star Thistle
30.Grecian Foxglove
31.Oriental Bittersweet
32.Dalmatian Toadflax
33.Narrowleaf Bittercress
34.Japanese Barberry
35.Norway Maple

All reservations for the meetings should be set to Marion Shambeau

Thank you,

Lee Shambeau

4 Control Inc.
P O Box 517
Menomonie, WI 54751

888.454.1121 office

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mobile apps for field work

Water Tracker

The University of Florida has collected recommended mobile apps from field ecologists across the country and listed them here.  They include field guides like ibird, but also data entry programs and apps that link you to real time river flow gauges.

How have you integrated mobile apps into your natural resources work?

But then again, what about this?

Cartoon by Michael Leunig,

Monday, February 13, 2012

Northwoods Coop Weed Management Winter Newsletter

The Northwoods Cooperative Weed Management Area is very active in the northern tier of counties along Lake Superior in Wisconsin.  The Weed Coop host volunteer workdays, educates the public about invasive species and provides training for town road supervisors on controlling invasive plants--when and how.

Click here for the most recent and past newsletters.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Playing Tag with Sustainable Ag

"Playing Tag with Sustainable Ag"
Thursday, Feb 9, 6:30pm Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center (map) 29270 Cty G, Ashland, Wisconsin

Join us for an update for growers, distributors and consumers of local food (all of us!) Claire Hintz and Jason Fischbach on the state of sustainable agriculture in our region.

Claire Hintz is owned of Elsewhere Farm in Herbster. She will present what she found on her trip around lake Superior to Research other communities' food networks. Jason, University of Wisconsin Agriculture Agent will give an update on the most recent projects underway in our region and how people can support what's happening. A lively discussion will follow.

Sponsored by the Alliance for Sustainability and the University of Wisconsin Extension--Bayfield County