Monday, December 20, 2010

Wisconsin's Waters 2011 Calendar Available

This year's calendar features a small sampling of the many means of enjoying Wisconsin's waters.

In the main picture, Lorenzo M. Newman, a wealthy entrepreneur from Chippewa Falls, poses in suit and tie with his catch, a sizeable muskie. Details abound in this picture. A closer look at the boat reveals a small stack of wood used for feeding the steam-powered engine, an oar and fishing pole stored on top of the canvas awning, a small electric lightbulb dangling near the center, cushioned seats for passengers, and a carved wooden owl mounted on the front.

The second photo, taken around 1905 on the shores of Lake Delavan, is of four youngsters seeking shade beneath a beautiful old canoe.

For just $5.00 (plus shipping and handling), you will receive the 22 x 28-inch calendar rolled in a tube, or stop by Map Sales to purchase your copies.

To order copies of the calendar, call 608/263.7389 or visit the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey at 3817 Mineral Point Road, Madison, Wisconsin 5370-5100.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Website--Lake Superior Basin in Wisconsin

Check out the new website for the Lake Superior Basin Education Initiative.

The website includes several new features:
- Information on the latest natural resource educational and outreach programs UW Extension is offering in the Basin (eg. Learn About Your Land and others)
- Archive for publications about research in the Basin
- Source of maps and online mapping sites for the Basin
- Meeting information for the Lake Superior Partner Team
- Links to this blog and twitters and our Lake Superior Partner Team FaceBook group

Thanks to Annika Sargent of the Environmental Resources Center for design and technical assistance. Thanks to Sarah Traaholt for support and encouragement.

Please contact me( with suggestions for making it better, typos to fix, new links or connections.